YAR! Job Seekers Beware! Employers Be Digging Up Dirt!

With an increasing number of employers using social media to screen candidates it’s more important than ever to manage your online image. What you post can mean the difference between getting a job or not. CareerBuilder compiled some numbers and tips in the article below for how to protect yourself during the job search.


Provided were some excellent Do’s and Don’ts:

1)DO clean up digital dirt BEFORE you begin your job search. Remove any photos, content and links that can work against you in an employer’s eyes.

2)DO consider creating your own professional group on sites like Facebook or BrightFuse.com to establish relationships with thought leaders, recruiters and potential referrals.

3)DO keep gripes offline. Keep the content focused on the positive, whether that relates to professional or personal information. Makes sure to highlight specific accomplishments inside and outside of work.

4)DON’T forget others can see your friends, so be selective about who you accept as friends. Monitor comments made by others. Consider using the ‘block comments’ feature or setting your profile to ‘private’ so only designated friends can view it.

5)DON’T mention your job search if you’re still employed.”

Most importantly, make sure you’re thorough when researching yourself online. Remove any content you wouldn’t want your parents to see and utilize tools that showcase your skills and knowledge.


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