Separating a Great Recruiter From a Good One

Recruiters in action
What makes someone successful in their job?  Training, education, experience, personal characteristics?  As recruitment professionals, we keep our eyes on trends that make us better at our craft and help build relationships.  This article culled from a well-known recruiting blog suggested four traits that separate a great recruiter from a good one.

  • Great at networking because they have a strong interest in people
  • Marketing and influencing skills
  • Personalizing and leveraging uniqueness
  • They use technology; they are not consumed by it!

Looking around our office, most of us could identify with these skill sets that tend to indicate a successful recruitment career.  Read on to see if your in-house recruiters or agency standouts exhibit these characteristics.

As the author suggests, “the recruiting process is not about individual recruiters, though.  It is about making good matches in a seamless and efficient way.  Great recruiters figure out how to do this while appearing almost in the background.  The greatest praise you can get is when the hiring manager says, “Wow!  Did I make a great hire last week.”


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