How We Spent Our Spring Break

It’s become a bit of a tradition in our office. When the sun starts shining, students are out of school, families are off on vacation and we begin ramp up our in-office preparations. One week out of the year full of food, fun-filled events and great opportunities to build camaraderie. We like to call it Spring Break.

As soon as those two words appear in our email inboxes the excitement begins to grow. The mystery of what’s in store for everyone. Questions like, “Are we having a movie day?” and “What’s the game this year?” are not uncommon. But the mystery is all part of the fun.

So what was on the agenda this year?

Spring Break 2012

For those unable to read the “coded” comic panels here’s the breakdown:

Monday – Massages
Our Hollywood theme demanded that we live like the stars. A masseuse was brought in for chair massages throughout the entire day; giving each employee a chance to relax and rejuvenate.

Tuesday – Movie Day
While there were certainly no premieres happening on Tuesday our team enjoyed themselves nonetheless. Folks trekked to the local theaters to catch the latest and greatest flicks on the company’s dime. Topping the charts were The Hunger Games and We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Wednesday – Catered Breakfast
Food galore! Stewart was kind enough to take time out of his evening and morning to prepare a breakfast fit only for Hollywood royalty. All the breakfast favorites were present in meat and vegetarian varieties. A bit of socializing and then back to it. Good times!

Thursday – Pictionary
The successful iPhone app “Draw Something” inspired this year’s game choice, Pictionary. Once again, a full spread of snacks lined an entire office cubicle to keep us occupied in between rounds. Topping the charts in the end was team five with some impressive illustrations that sent them all home with gift cards from local hangouts.

Friday – Catered Lunch
Burgers. Need I say more? Faux and real. Freshly grilled. Yum.

A special thanks to Stewart and Kate for making Spring Break 2012 as memorable as the previous years. Your creativity and hard work are most appreciated!

Spring Break 2012


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