Holidays at Boly:Welch

The last weeks of December were a whirlwind of fun at the Boly:Welch office.  We held our annual Holiday Breakfast, White Elephant gift exchange and Ugly Sweater Contest (yes, all rolled into one!).   Our own Susan Wallin put it so nicely in her recent guest commentary for the Portland Business Journal: “The event was hilarious, bonding us together and reminding us how lucky we are to work with people who care enough to create a culture that fits how we want to work and live.”  Read more here: Leadership Impact

Boly:Welch sprinkles creative, fun events like this throughout the year.   They always bring our team closer, and we consider these events a huge part of our culture.

Caught up in all the excitement, only a few pictures made it:

Don't be fooled by the sweaters!

We mean business!

Benett, Whitney, Carie and Jen

Benett, Whitney, Carie and Jen

Cookies for all.

Cookies for all.

The Competition!

The Competition!


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