The New Lunch Meeting


If you’re reading this you are probably sitting.  In fact you probably sit for the majority of your day, which is now just as commonplace as smoking was in the 70’s. This sedentary lifestyle is not only a significant contributor to the obesity epidemic, but has surpassed smoking in death rates.   According to Nilofer Merchant “…the death rate associated with obesity in the US is now 35 million. But do you know what it is in relationship to Tobacco? Just 3.5 million.”

With this (and other shocking research findings in mind on the negatives of sitting) Nilofer has taken a proactive change in her work style, swapping  out traditional coffee, lunch, and other sit down meetings for walks. These changes have made a positive impact on her work and health. To learn how you can implement these changes into your work schedule, read her post “Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation” .


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