Boly:Welch Wellness Team Update

Boly:Welch Hall of Fame

The Boly Welch staff is half-way through the latest Wellness challenge! This month’s Short Term Goal (STG) is to bring your lunch to work. Being downtown with a multiplicity of lunch options a stone’s throw away is tempting to many, so the Wellness Committee challenged the company to bring their homemade lunch for one month, with the incentive prize of $40 to the victor who brings the most times. It was a challenge taken up merrily by the whole office, with four participants scoring perfect 10’s through the first two weeks and many more chomping at their heels. We think bringing your lunch is an excellent way to save money, maximize the efficiency of your lunch break, and ensure that you have a healthy meal to power you through the day. Do you bring your lunch to work? Tell us below!


4 responses to “Boly:Welch Wellness Team Update

  1. Yeah, I bring my lunch. But not in a brown bag! So early 20th century.

  2. Every day! The favorite go-to dish: brown rice, greek yogurt, fresh fruit and raw almonds. Fantastic.

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