What Is All of This Busyness?


When you ask someone how they are doing, how often do you get the response of:  “good, but so busy!” More often than not, people tack on an “I’m busy” to any inquiry about their status. Unfortunately, it might not convey what message we intended it to “…we’ve begun to regard busyness as a virtue. It’s maybe second to exhaustion when it comes to being cool at work.”  Are people really always that “busy” though? Drake Baer’s recent article based off of Janet Choi’s blog post “Busyness is Not a Virtue” focuses on getting to the bottom of what all this busyness really is and what we are really saying to people when we give that response. “When we fill our schedules with appointments and hands with phones, we divest ourselves of downtime. When we’re endlessly doing, it’s hard to be mindful of what we’re doing.”  How truly focused and “busy” can you be, when you never take a break?


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