Be the Early Bird


While getting the first appointment at the dentist can be tiresome, getting the earliest interview time can actually make the difference in landing a job.   In a recent article by FastCompany “Exploit Hiring Bias: Be The First Job Interview of the Day”, research showed being first in line works in your favor.   “It seems that interviewers like to have each day’s ratings balance out. When a interviewer sees 3 or 4 good candidates in a row they become concerned that they are giving too many high ratings. So, if another good candidate comes walking through the door, they get a lower rating just so that the ratings for the day are not uniformly high.”   So there is truth in being the proverbial “Early Bird”, use it to your advantage and get an early interview time. We don’t necessarily think that this is a universal practice and it’s not our practice.  But, you need to know that it may be a factor that affects your employment outcome.


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