Keep Your Resume Out of the Recycle Bin


Are you sending out hundreds of resumes a week to job after job and feel like you’re getting nowhere?  You might be guilty of RAA or  “Random Acts of Application”.  Dana Manciagli of the Portland Business Journal  highlights the four common mistakes applicants are committing:

  1. Submitting a generic resume that isn’t tailored to the job specifications (job description)
  2. Typos, grammatical errors
  3. Boring descriptions rather than keywords and “power verbs”
  4. Applying for the wrong jobs –random acts of application (RAA) or applying with no relevant skills or experience – think shotgun approach!

For a more detailed look at these job search faux pas, consult Manciagli’s full article here: “The 4 Most-Pathetic Job-Search Mistakes and 3 Ways to Avoid Them”


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