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Step Into 2014 With a Crash Course in Leadership!


As the curtain falls on 2013, it’s worth taking a look back at some of the lessons we’ve learned about business, entrepreneurship, professionalism, job seeking and much more. Which traits of creative types might surprse you? What does your social media strategy say about your business’s prospects for the future? Can you rely on your own brain? Lucky for us, Fast Company has compiled the best articles on leadership written in 2013. Read through them and get ready for a productive new year! 


image from: http://www.fastcompany.com/3023510/the-most-read-leadership-stories-of-2013


Leaders Are Made, Not Born


Most of us work on the assumption that “leadership qualities” are something you’re born with…or not. But the latest studies show that our brains, and even our personalities,  are malleable and can adapt to changing demands. We can even rewire our brains to make us more effective leaders. It all starts with replacing your “fixed” mindset with a “growth” mindset. Check out this article by Ethan Hale to find out more!


image from: content.time.com